Anxiety Treatment through Art Therapy

Anxiety Treatment through Art Therapy

What Is Anxiety?

It’s normal to experience feelings of anxiety about moving to a new place to live, taking a test, or starting a new job. Normal anxiety is a feeling that comes and goes without interfering with your everyday life.

When someone has an anxiety disorder, the feeling of fear may be present all the time – it can be intense and sometimes incapacitating.

This kind of anxiety can stop you from doing the things you like. In more extreme cases, it may stop you from crossing the street, leaving your home or entering an elevator. Left untreated, the anxiety will continue to get worse.

Anxiety is one of the most common forms of emotional disorders and can affect any person, at any age, but women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with it.

Challenges of Anxiety

Living with anxiety can mean a life full of significant challenges. It can feel like an enormous force field that surrounds and traps us. It often sends jolts of panic through us at the most inopportune times.

Anxiety can make us feel tired and wired all at once and wreak havoc on our sense of physical wellbeing. Trying to function while feeling anxious is just one of the challenges of living with anxiety.

The effects don’t stop there – anxiety penetrates us, surrounds us, and takes over, becoming a barrier. Daily living becomes an effort at best, intimidating – and nearly impossible – at worst.

Art Therapy for Anxiety Treatment

Art is powerful – it is calming, creative and can be a powerful therapeutic tool. Art therapy utilizes painting, drawing, collage, sculpting, and coloring to help individuals express themselves creatively.

Many people worry about participating in art therapy because they feel they lack any sense of creativity. But because it is about the procedure and not the finished piece, it doesn’t require any artistic ability and there is no good or bad.

Benefits of Art Therapy for Anxiety

Whether used alone or in combination with another form of treatment, art therapy for anxiety can be very helpful for someone who is living with anxiety in the following ways.

  • It’s a way to share feelings without having to communicative them with words.
  • Creating art has direct physiological effects that counter the harmful physical consequences that anxiety creates.
  • It can be used to interrupt a destructive cycle of reflection on negative thoughts.
  • It focuses your mind on the present, providing relief from anxious thoughts and feelings.
  • It’s easily assimilated into other therapies so that you and your therapist can devise a customized plan.
  • Art therapy for anxiety can help you feel comfortable in what can be at first a very unpleasant situation.

Seeking help from others, especially those who are trained and experienced in listening, understanding, and healing can go a long way in helping you feel like you’re on the road to a more normal, better sense of self.

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