As therapists, we all need a space to vent and process the struggles and stressors in our professional lives- as well as how our professions impact our personal lives. In Art based supervision, you have the chance to process all of that with a licensed art therapist. That space then becomes a place not only to process but to create.

Group Art-Based Clinical Supervision

Work with other therapists like yourself, find empathy, guidance, develop a new network and participate in a peer-group while completing your supervision course.
After a group session, you will feel better or more clearheaded, and you will have a tangible piece of art. Over time, those art pieces accumulate and you’ll be able to see a progression of professional growth. That growth has been happening all along, but the experience of going back and seeing your growth in a concrete way can have a strong impact on you as a clinician.

Type of Activities used in Art-Based Clinical Supervision

In art based supervision groups with me, I encourage my supervisees to work within an altered book. An altered book is the act of creating art inside of a recycled book, such as an old novel or textbook. The altered book becomes a journal of sorts and allows you to see your progression. It also offers the clinician the chance to create art that they deem “ugly” or “bad” and instead of throwing it out or getting angry at it, the clinician can simply shut the book and if they chose to, they come back to the piece of art at a later date. It allows the group members to process their emotions at a rate that they are comfortable with. The art-making acts as a safe way to access those emotions, thoughts, and feelings at a pace that the artist is comfortable with. The book mimics the safe space that a group provides.

Individual Art-Based Clinical Supervision

There are times that a group may not be the space for you. You may spend all day seeing clients, and intervening in various crises and you may want a more intensive self-care time. That is where individual art based supervision comes in to play. Rather than having to make space for your fellow group members, you may want the individual attention that comes with meeting with a clinician one on one. In individual art-based supervision, you are free to process the stressors and frustrations of your day to day work as a clinician freely and without concern for anyone other than you! The ultimate me time, individual art-based supervision gives you a break from the day to day focus on others and allows the supervisor and you to focus all the energy on your professional growth.

Remote (online) Art Based Clinical Supervision Classes

For some clinicians, doing the hard and intense work of providing clinical services in rural areas can cause you to find yourself burnt out. Without a strong support network of like-minded professionals- you may end up feeling isolated both professionally, and personally. The fewer mental health professionals in your area, the more likely you are to struggle with dual relationships.
Many clinicians work odd hours, live and work in sparsely populated or rural areas, or overwhelmed with balancing another obligation to fit into their daily lives. The virtual group allows members to participate by creating art while processing their thoughts and feelings about their work. This group blends the tactile experience of art based supervision, with the camaraderie of attending a group with your peers. It allows for the creation and experience of a safe space, that also involves you in creating a community that can serve your needs well while allowing for flexible scheduling and remote access.

I offer supervision for:

  • art therapists
  • music therapists
  • dance and movement therapists
  • drama therapists
  • marriage and family therapists
  • chaplains
  • mental health counselors
  • social workers
  • psychologists
  • school psychologists and psychoanalysts
I offer virtual and in-person individual and group art-based supervision as well as supervision towards ATR credential.
For more information on art-based supervision, please reach out:  or call Stephanie at 516-659-0403